Check this post: The building is situated at 51 Merchant Road in Clarke Quay’s District 1

The building is situated at 51 Merchant Road in Clarke Quay’s District 1

Shenton House, commercial property located situated on Shenton Way in the CBD It has been revived to be sold collectively with a reserve of 590 million at present with the tender due to close on the 3rd of August.

However, more than fifty% owner’s have signed joint agreement that has lower reserve prices of $538 million in just a few months. This is according to JLL, the designated marketing agent. JLL. Lower reserve prices will become effective when at the minimum of 80% of the owners have agreed to the price. The price of $538 million is the equivalent of an 8.8% reduction from the reserve price currently that is $590 million.

The lower reserve amount equates to a land cost of $1,898 psf/plot proportion (psf ppr) basing on an average Gross plot ratio (GPR) that is 14. The rate for land includes the estimated land improvement charge as well as lease-top rates for a 99-year lease.

Shenton House sits on a 36,250 square foot site that is zoned for commercial use, with an estimated GPR of 11.2. The site features three frontages on Shenton Way, Park Street and Shenton Lane. It is a 99-year leasehold project. comprises of 203 residential units as well as parking.

In the CBD Incentive Scheme, the site is qualified for 25% extra gross floor area. The site can be transformed to become a hotel or mixed-use development, with GPR that is 14.0. CBD Incentive Scheme is scheduled to end on the 26th of November 2024, five years after the date of publication in the gazette that is part of Master Plan 2019. Master Plan 2019.

“In keeping with the URA’s plans to increase the number of “Live, Work, Play’ in the CBD along with the best Grade A offices, the revamp of Shenton House would be an perfect opportunity to rejuvenate the CBD by integrating urban living, including apartments and serviced apartments taking advantage of the growing infrastructure and amenities for the support nearby,” says Tan Hong Boon the executive director of JLL Capital Markets.

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According to Perennial, the new housing-cum-care model development that it proposes to build will include 200 units

The Good Class Bungalow (GCB) located at 767 Chestnut Drive will go up for sale by way of an expression of Interest (EOI) process on 3 July according to the marketing agent PropNex Realty. The leasehold of 999 years site has an estimated value of approximately $22 million that’s equivalent to $1,515 per square foot of land surface of 14,526 square feet.

The property was originally advertised to the public as a brand new GCB being constructed in the month of February. The planned property was a detached, two-story home with a basement as well as an attic, was put up on the market through a private treaty with the $38.88 million price guide, or $1,966 per square foot for the built-up area that is proposed to be 19,481 sq feet.

Although the private treaty sale was a hit, the price provided did not match the expectations of the seller, according to Henry Benjamin Lim, head of Good Class Bungalows and prestige was a buyer at PropNex. “In the meantime, a lot of potential buyers stated that they’d prefer to customize the layout and design of their new home according to the requirements of their individual,” he adds.

The seller has chosen to offer the site as empty land rather than an entirely new building, allowing the new owner to design the house according to their own requirements. The building that was previously located on the site has been destroyed, leaving the site being offered as an “as is, where is” basis. The seller also paid the utility company SP Group $84,000 to install the overhead power cables suspended underground.

It is situated in the Green Hill Estate in Green Hill Estate, which is located in the Chestnut Avenue GCB area, the site is designed for residential use, with an 999-year leasehold term beginning September 1882. It’s about a 12-minute walking distance to Cashew MRT Station on the Downtown Line.

It is expected that the EOI on the site will be closed at 12pm on the 15th of August.

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Keppel announces a new project worth $950 million to the company

The Ministry of Trade and Industry (MTI) has announced on the 23rd of June released that it will announce the Industrial Government Land Sales (IGLS) program for the second quarter in the calendar year. The programme consists of five sites that are on the Confirmed List that have the site size of 6.43 square hectares (692,119 sq feet) as well as three sites on the Reserve List totalling 3.38 ha (363,820 sq feet). Together the sites are spread across an area totalling 9.81 acres (1.06 million square feet).

The site area included in the Confirmed List constitutes an 63.2% bump up from the 3.94 ha that was launched across four sites during the first half of this year says Lee Sze Teck, senior director of research at Huttons Asia. “This is the largest amount in industrial property since the 2H2014 period, when 9.5 acres of land for industrial development was leased,” he adds.

The five sites in the Confirmed List are in Tampines North Drive 5, Tampines North Drive 4, Tuas Bay Drive, Gambas Way as well as Tuas Link Close. The sites that are listed on the Reserve List include two along Jalan Papan and one along Tuas Road. The two sites are Plot 3 Jalan Papan and the site located on Tuas Road – are currently listed on the Reserve List.

Sites that are listed on the Reserve List will be put on the market for sale in the event that an interested party files an application that includes the offer for a purchase price acceptable to the government, or if more than one person offers minimum purchase prices that are that are close to the reserve value within an acceptable time.

The rise in the supply of industrial land comes as rents and prices continue to rise in spite of a less optimistic outlook for Singapore’s export and manufacturing sectors. In the 1Q2023, JTC data showed industrial property prices increased by 1.5% q-o-q, while industrial rents increased to 2.8% q-o-q. “Prices and rents for industrial spaces have risen above the low outlook and increased over the last several months” declares Huttons’ Lee.

To this end He believes that the government is likely to increase the supply of industrial land to help limit the growth in rental and price as well as help companies manage the cost of occupancy. “This could result in slowing down the industrial property market about two to three years from now,” he opines.

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One of the properties that receive WiredScore Platinum certification is Frasers Towers

A massive HDB flat located at 50 Moh Guan Terrace in Tiong Bahru is being sold at a new record $1.5 million ($792 per square foot). The deal was brokered by KF Property’s associate deputy division head Alvin Yeo. The property is a 1,894 square feet four-room apartment on the fourth level of an apartment building that is walk-up. It has 49 years remaining in its 99-year lease.

Based on Knight Frank, the flat is an amalgamation of two identical three-room flats that have four bedrooms. The recently sold Jumbo flat is located in the Tiong Bahru Estate which is which is surrounded by lush greenery. The location is close to bakeries, cafes, and coffee shops in the local area has attracted buyers, according to KF Property Network head Evan Chung.

Based on HDB data on resales At least one additional apartment on 50 Moh Guan Terrace has been sold this year. The 347 sq ft unit was worth $765,000 ($808 per sq ft) as it was auctioned off in March.

Chung was the agent who helped broker the sale of the prior record-setting price for the resale of an HDB flat. Chung assisted the owners of the 1,312 square feet loft with five rooms at Sky Terrace@Dawson to sell their home at $1.418 million ($1.081 per square foot) in June last year.

“The property that was sold at SkyTerrace@Dawson is the first HDB Premium Loft apartment that has an enlargement that was more than five meters,” says Chung. He says that flats that are likely to fetch a above the market for resales usually have distinctive features or have a desired address.

Research conducted by Knight Frank shows that resale HDB flat buyers have steadily moved to larger houses after the Singapore’s “circuit-breaker” period in June 2020. This increased demand has resulted in more expensive asking prices for larger units, according to Chung. But he says that HDBs worth millions of dollars are only a small portion of the overall HDB second-hand market. Moreover, a majority of flats available are reasonably priced.

“Policies such as those of the HDB Building-to-Order (BTO) program, CPF family grants and various other initiatives that are administered by the Housing Development Board have helped Singaporeans obtain affordable housing in order to begin a family,” Chung adds Chung.

In 1Q2023, HDB price index for resales grew by 1% in q-o-q. This was the lowest annual increase of the index when compared to the previous 10 quarters. The increase last quarter was less in comparison to what the 2.3% q-o-q increase recorded in the 4Q2022.

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The climate-controlled industrial building at 60 Tuas Ave 11 is for sale for $50 million

A new release-hold developments Grange 1866 topped the list of condos that recorded an increase in the price of psf during the period between June 2-9. This was aided by the sale of a seven-square-foot square feet apartment at $2.59 million, which is $3,390 per square foot, on the 7th of June. The two-bedroom unit located on 12th level was bought to the developer and was the first occasion that a unit that was sold in Grange 1866 has been sold for more than $3,300 per square foot. This beats the previous record of $3,145 psf recorded on January 19 the 19th of January, when a 829 sq feet unit sold for $2.61 million.

The property is situated at Grange Road in prime District 10 in Singapore, Grange 1866 is a 60-unit condominium developed in partnership with Grange 1866 Pte Ltd. Grange 1866 features a single block of 16 floors on a sprawling 20,322 square feet freehold site. The units are one- and two-bedroom homes that span 527 sq ft and 1,012 sq feet. The condo is scheduled to be completed at the end of 2025. The project has had 13 units sold for an average of $2,862 psf according to caveats filed with URA.

Royal Hallmark, located on Haig Lane in District 15 and also set an all-time high in psf during the review period. The sale of a three-bedroom unit that measures 797 square feet from the developer to the developer for $1.82 million ($2,289 per sq ft) the 2nd of June exceeding the previous record of $2,237 per square foot set in December, when 797 sq feet of the unit was purchased to a buyer for $1.78 million.

The development consists of 10 terraced houses as well as an apartment located on a 25,054 square feet freehold site on the corner of Haig Road and Haig Lane. Royal Hallmark is the developer is Royal Hallmark. Royal Hallmark is a consortium comprised of companies that are linked with Terence Goon, group CEO and managing director of the furnishing business Nobel Design; Patrick Kho who is the group’s managing director at Lian Huat Group; and David Ong and Von Lee of 2E Capital.

The five-storey building includes 32 units. They are comprised of three-bedders with 797 sq ft, and four-bedders with 1,130 sq feet. There are two 5-bedroom duplex penthouses that each measure 2,077 square feet.

Royal Hallmark was launched for auction in February 2022. It is expected to be complete in 2025. Based on caveats filed in the last month, 27, (84%) of the units have sold to this point at an average of $1,961 per sq ft.

The Hermitage is another condominium which hit a new psf record during the week after an 818 sq ft unit located on the fourth floor sold for $1.72 million which is $2,096 per square foot in June 5. The seller, who bought the property on May 5, 2016 at $1.28 million ($1,565 per square foot) the unit earned the buyer a profit of $435,000, or 34% capital gain, from the sale.

It is the first time a resale has been conducted at the development since September, when an 850 sq feet unit was sold for $1.75 million, or $2,058 per square foot this was the highest price of psf at the time.

The Hermitage is a freehold 32-unit boutique development located on Sarkies Road, off Bukit Timah Road, in District 10 The development it was finished in the year 1999. The development is ten stories high and houses two beds with sizes ranging from 732 sq feet. There are two duplex penthouses that measure 1,862 sq ft and 2,067 sq feet respectively. Two beds are provided in both penthouses.

The Hermitage has had a small number of resales transactions over the last 12 months, with the unit that was sold in September last year representing the only purchase that was resold for the entire period of 2022. The final unit that changed hands was in November 2021 when a 775 square foot unit was sold for $1.55 million ($2,000 per sq ft). It was the first time that the project reached the threshold of $2,000 per square foot.

There were no new lows in the psf-price index observed during the time of the review.

Grand Dunman property management office

2H2023 government Land Sales (GLS) Programme includes eight development sites on the approved list that will collectively produce around 5,160 private housing units, which includes five60 executive condo (EC) units.

The housing supply for private homes under the 2H2023 GLS Programme is 26% higher than the housing available as part of the 1H2023 GLS Programme, which included 4,090 new residential units. This implies that the government will add approximately 9,250 units to construction in 2023. This, is said to be the highest number in a decade.

Grand Dunman property management office of modern and sophisticated units from the popular property developers, SingHaiyi Group.

This list of reserve sites, comprising sites that must be made tender eligible it comprises 6 residence sites (including 2 EC sites) and one commercial site and one white site as well as an hotel site. The Reserve List sites could yield 3,430 private residential units (including 855 EC units) approximately 1 million square feet of commercial space and 515 hotel rooms.

Edmund Tie’s director of research and consulting, Lam Chern Woon, observes that the majority of the residential sites in the reserve and confirmed lists are located in the heartlands, albeit with a few areas of exception, like the plots located at Orchard Boulevard, Zion Road (Parcels A and B), Pine Grove (Parcel B) and Holland Drive. “The selection of the top sites was carefully crafted to ensure that the amount of supply isn’t excessive,” he says, saying that the government is continuing to impose a “light touch on hotel and commercial supply, preferring to put the majority of supply on the Reserve List.

Supply increase to stabilize the market for housing

In a press announcement The Ministry of National Development said that the latest GLS supply “will make the total pipeline of housing units for private owners (including ECs) to about 63,500 units. It will also cater to an ever-growing demand.”

The ministry also states: “The increased confirmed list of housing units for 2H2023 will be added to the pipeline supply to meet demand for housing of the population. Particularly, it will bring the total pipeline of housing units for private homes (including ECs) to about 63,500 units. This includes 50,200 units granted planning approval, and 13,300 units of GLS sites and En-bloc sites that are yet to receive approval for planning”.

Based on plans for development submitted According to the development plans, 40,400 homes are scheduled to be completed between 2023 and 2025. This is more than double the number of units that were completed between the years 2020-2022. “Releasing additional land parcels could ensure buyers that there’s a sufficient homes for sale in the private market and an increase in the supply of homes could assist in limiting price increases and stabilize the market over the long term,” says Christine Sun who is the senior vice president for research and analysis at OrangeTee. Sun adds that the newly released land parcels look appealing and offer good housing choices for potential buyers.

“With the market for collective sales remaining in a state of decline and the government having stepped up the supply of land to meet the increasing requirement for houses,” says Lee Sze Teck who is the head of the research department of research at Huttons Asia. He further states: “The sites on the confirmed list will be attracting a lot of attention from developers. A lot of sites are immediately connected to an MRT station, or just a few steps from the MRT station. Some are in new locations that have not had new supplies for a long time”.

‘Trophy project’

One site that is on the list is one 1.57-ha parcel in Lorong 1 Toa Payoh, which could yield 775 units. According Lee Lee the developer, it’s been around an eight-year period since authorities published the first construction site for a condominium located in Lorong 1 Toa Payoh.

“With five-room flats in The Peak @ Toa Payoh over $1 million and some recently MOP-ed apartments exceeding $800,000, there’s plenty of prospective HDB upgrading buyers,” he says, saying that the best price on this site could exceed $1,200 per sq ft per.

The 0.68ha site at Orchard Boulevard is also on the approved list. It has the potential of housing the 270 homes and 5,38 square feet in commercial area. The site will be accessible to the Orchard Boulevard MRT Station.

Sun describes the proposed project for the site as a possible ‘trophy project’ for developers considering its central site in Orchard and its proximity with orchard road. Orchard Road shopping mall. “The region hasn’t seen an entirely new GLS site offered to the market in the last five years. Therefore, developer and buying interest is expected to be healthy for this parcel,” she says.

The most recent GLS site that was released in this region was Cuscaden Road, which SC Global transformed into the luxurious Cuscaden Reserve. Cuscaden Reserve. This site attracted nine bidders back then and the winning price of $2,377 psf per ppr was announced in May of 2018. “With these cooling steps that are crimping foreign demand and reducing the mix of units size, dimension, and quantity (of the development to come) will be required to cater to markets in local. But, it’s an extremely appealing site and the highest offer could be higher than $1,500 per square foot,” says Lee.

Two brand new residential development sites within the Springleaf region have also been highlighted. This neighborhood is now open following the construction on the Thomson-East Coast Line last year. The official list includes the following: a 2.44ha site on Upper Thomson Road (Parcel A) that could yield 595 units, 21,520 square feet of commercial space. It also includes the 3.2ha site on Upper Thomson Road (Parcel B) that could be home to 940 units.

The 1.51ha site with a relatively high plot ratio of 5.6 was also commissioned on Zion Road, and URA estimates that the site could produce 955 units, and the total commercial space is 25,824 square feet. The site connects directly with Havelock MRT Station on the Thomson-East Coast Line. “Mixed-use sites with a direct MRT connection are sought-after by buyers because they offer greater accessibility,” says Lee. “Homes that are on the upper floors will be able to enjoy breathtaking views to the south. There is a possibility of a top price of $1,300 per square foot psf.”

This parcel of land is located near the old Jaik Kim Street GLS site that has been transformed into Riviere by Frasers Property. This GLS site has attracted 10 offers. The winner was awarded $1,732 per sq ft per person.

Another relic of the GLS site was the land parcel on Irwell Bank Road, which has been transformed to become Irwell Hill Residences by City Developments. The site was the subject of seven bids in the period and the winning bid was of $1,515 per square foot per square foot.

There’s another EC site that is on the list that is confirmed that is it’s a 2.01ha parcel located on Plantation Close in Tengah with the potential of producing 560 units. Lee says that the launch the EC site is due to the high sales of recent EC launches such as Copen Grand as well as Tenet. “Following the great success in Copen Grand and Tenet, developers are likely to explore EC sites located in Tengah to increase their landbanks. The site could attract up to eight developers with a price of $650 per sq ft per person.”

Office and hotel supplies

The Reserve List is a white site to develop a mixed-use project located at Woodlands Avenue 2 and a short-term lease commercial site located at Punggol Walk. They have been transferred on 1H2023 Reserve List. 1H2023 Reserve List.

It also has a hotel development site on River Valley Road which was transferred in the reserve 1H2023 List.

Grand Dunman facilities

Charming Garden is within an area that is designated for two-storey semi-detached housing in the 2018 Master Plan. “Subject to the conditions to conditions, according to the Urban Redevelopment Authority has advised that the site could also be redeveloped to the flats that have been approved,” says Tang.

Grand Dunman facilities will have an excellent access to an established transport network within close reach of amenities.

She continues: “Having the flexibility to create either landed or apartments will provide more appeal to buyers. The rising demand for landed housing together with the lack of supply of homes has led to an 5.9% price increase for land-based properties in the first quarter of 2023”.

She claims that a developer who plans to transform the site to a land-based housing development could build 112,710 sq feet of landed constructed space without incurring costs for land improvement.

The public auction for the auction of Charming Garden will close on the 10th of July.

Grand Dunman price singapore

Raffles Education Square, a commercial structure with four floors that is with two rows of buildings that are in conservation and is being offered to sell at a value of $200,000 million. The land cost is around $2,660 per sq ft with a possible net plot ratio of 2.8 which includes the land betterment fee. Knight Frank is the marketing agent.

Its property lies at Merchant Road in District 1 in Clarke Quay. The whole premise is 276,669 square feet of land with a gross floor space of 71,111 sq feet as well as two levels of carpark in the basement. Knight Frank says the property is subject to leasehold with an unexpired period of 69 years starting May 15, 1993.

Grand Dunman price Singapore with a total suite area of 25,234.3 with a Gross Maximum Area (GFA) of 88,321 square metres.

The building was originally constructed in 1996, and was renovated for 2013 as the home of corporate office and the campus for college in Raffles Education. The premises has been in a state of disrepair since the office and school were removed, opening the way for the sale of the assets, according to Knight Frank.

“The property is strategically located in a region that has a huge opportunity for an increase in property value due to the revitalization of Singapore River precinct,” says Chia Mein Mein, director for capital markets (land as well as collective sales), Knight Frank Singapore.

She says: “This is a rare chance to purchase commercial property which is expected to profit from the significant urban renewal which will transform the region into a vibrant and new living and entertainment center”.

Based on Knight Frank, Raffles Education Square could be developed in conjunction with The Riverside Piazza which is which is a mixed-use strata commercial as well as residential development on 11, Keng Cheow Street. The agency claims that owners of Riverside Piazza are obtaining the necessary 80% approval for an auction.

“This possibility could permit the two site to benefit from an increase in gross floor space to benefit from the revitalization initiatives in the area as part of the Urban Redevelopment Authority’s (URA) Strategic Development Incentive (SDI) scheme subject to the approval of the authorities,” says Chia.

“Quality commercial properties are difficult to find since many are held by institutions players and not offered to be sold. Private wealth is also looking for commercial assets because the asset class is unaffected by the recent implementation of cooling measures by the government.”

The auction for the sale of Raffles Education Square will end on August 1.

Grand Dunman showroom

Through its indirect owned subsidiary PRE 20, Perennial Holdings has been awarded the tender for an assisted-living private development site on Parry Avenue — which was announced by URA in conjunction together with the Ministry of Health — with a price that was $71.99 million.

Grand Dunman showroom means access to world-class amenities. This means you can fulfil your needs without travelling far from home.

The first assisted living private development site launched from the state. The Concept along with a Price Revenue Tender method was used to ensure that the winner’s project was in line with the government’s privatized assisted living vision. Edmund Tie’s director of research and consultancy, Lam Chern Woon, says that the announcement for the assisted living site will be a huge leap towards the next level of development to the elderly living sector in Singapore. The housing-cum-care model that the company plans to construct will consist of an assisted living unit of 200 units project as well as a nursing home with 100 beds as well as a wellness center as well as a senior center. The development will also include the creation of a brand fresh 1.5ha neighborhood park.

In a statement issued by the URA agency, it said that the concept proposals submitted by all four companies were in line with the criteria for evaluation in the beginning. Perennial offered two concept ideas as well as the other tenders included United Medicare Development and a joint concept tender from Evia Real Estate Allium Healthcare Holdings, Yuan Ching Development, and YK Realty.

The site is located in the Rosyth Estate, which is located near Serangoon North Neighbourhood Centre and Heartland Mall. The tender was granted to the Perennial bid that had the highest price offered. This bid is 10.4% higher than the third highest bid. The second-highest bid was also made by Perennial with a bid that was 0.1% lower than its highest offer. Lam believes this is indicative of Perennial’s determination to get the advantage of being the first to construct an impressive project in the market for private senior living. Perennial is betting on its history of healthcare-related businesses in China that concentrate on integrated medical and eldercare healthcare facilities. Perennial has more than 60 senior care and medical facilities spread across the 16 major cities of China and oversees nearly 22,000 beds.

Lam states that Perennial’s successful concept is an integrated model of care that focuses on residents’ programs that include socialisation, care and services. It was also keen to provide connections with the surrounding community to reduce the feeling of isolation of the senior living community.

“We are thrilled to win an award for Parry Avenue, which marks Perennial Holdings’ maiden healthcare project in Singapore,” says Perennial Holdings Chairman and CEO Pua Guan Seck. The developer will come up with an innovative eldercare and community-based care model “suited to the needs of locals who want to age in place and within their community”.

The development comes nearly an entire year after assisted-living developments or seniors-friendly housing and the provision of care services was introduced. These homes offer a solution to seniors seeking help but would prefer not to live in nursing home care. Each resident will enjoy an airy, well-lit living space, with privacy. There are one- to two bedrooms, which range from 366 sq ft up to 666 sq feet, and with private lifts, the ability to access balconies terraces, and lush green communal areas.

Perennial will also collaborate in partnership with its sponsors, Wilmar International, to offer residents of the newly constructed assisted-living community with food catering services by using Wilmar’s central kitchen as well as its culinary institute.

Edmund Tie’s Lam states that the public has been overwhelmingly positive to the two first assisted living facilities for the public -the Community Care Apartments (CCA) in Harmony Village @ Bukit Batok and Queensway Canopy — and the planned development of a number of CCA pipeline CCA projects, in conjunction with the approval of the private assisted living site located at Parry Avenue, will contribute to generating more awareness and enthusiasm in the market, as well as care providers and the older generation. The director says: “This is a much-needed catalyst, as the demands of Singapore’s population aging will continue to increase over the next few years There is a lot of opportunity for growth in the growing seniors living industry.”

Grand Dunman location

Keppel Corporation has been awarded an order with the Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA) to build, design and manage an all-new district cooling (DCS) installation for a period of 30 years, located inside the Jurong Lake District (JLD). This contract will be expected generate approximately $900 million to Keppel which will be a combination of payment from property developers owners, occupants and owners for the design and construction of the DCS and the provision of chilled water as well as operation and upkeep of the DCS for a period of 30 years.

Grand Dunman location in the tightly held neighbourhood of Tanjong Katong, Dunman Road GLS residential property in a quintessential environment.

The DCS will be designed to have a capacity of 29,000 Refrigeration Tonnes (RT) to provide chilled water and other related facilities to up to 1.4 million square meters Gross Floor Area (sqm GFA) and will support future developments in JLD which include office business park retail, residential hotels, and other institutional uses. The DCS will operate when the construction is completed of any future developments within JLD.

In Keppel’s announcement it is Keppel’s DCS solution for JLD is able to achieve higher efficiency levels that are 30% greater than conventional in-building systems, and 18% greater that the National Environmental Agency’s Minimum Energy Efficiency Standards (MEES) in addition to realizing significant cost savings that can reach 30% when compared to traditional systems. Its JLD DCS plant is estimated to reduce around 15,000 tons of carbon dioxide emissions over a 30-year period of operation, when in comparison to the industry standard. This amounts to the carbon reduction of plant 100,000 trees.

The company announced in May that Keppel revealed that it was moving from a conglomerate to an international alternative actual asset management company. The primary focus will be an asset-light model that will increase AUM up to $100 billion in the near future.

The structure of the group is set to be simplified into an integrated horizontal model that includes three platform types: Fund Management, Investment and Operating Platforms which are all made up of a single business that is focused upon investing into and developing solutions to sustain the planet.

After the announcement of energy-as-a service in Thailand on the 14th of June the price of Keppel’s shares increased by 5.5% to $7.05 but it has since fallen back. Keppel ended the day with a price of $6.60.